About Our Corks

Welcome to Laguna Flats Tackle Company. Like many other tackle companies’ origins, we are passionate fishermen looking for enhanced experiences. Having used many other popping corks/floats over the years, we knew there was a need for improvement. As such, we set out to develop the finest popping corks available. Now, after over two years of exhaustive research and development, we are extremely proud to introduce our products.


The heart of our product line is the ‘Shorty’, a truly revolutionary popping cork.  The advancements and features of this cork’s design are shown below:

Our products feature the finest components available. At the center of all of our products is a 0.051” (1.24mm) stainless steel wire that is 57% thicker than the leading competition. If you are as frustrated with poor cork performance, as we were, you’re sure to appreciate the added strength and durability our products offer. Furthermore, every one of our products is made in Texas, USA.


Introducing Shorty:

While the name may illicit smirks or even recollections of Randy Newman’s 1977 song, this popping cork is actually a beast (or…..this popping cork’s performance is serious). Measuring approximately 6.25 inches, Shorty is about 1.5 inches shorter than most of the competitor’s corks (including our Traditional XL model). So, why does length matter? First and most importantly, the shorter and thicker wire is nearly 100% stronger than other popping corks which reduces bent wires while the shorter length makes tangles less likely and improves the rattle signature. An added benefit is this popping cork is much easier to work once it’s in the water. The result is more casts with less fatigue while you’re grinding it out.

Our Shorty products:

Shorty Triple Shot (3 brass beads)

Shorty Double Shot (2 brass beads)

Shorty Chip Shot (unweighted)

Shorty Long Shot (1/2 ounce lead weight) The single lead egg weight concentrates all the weight at the end of the wire allowing for longer casts, even into the wind.


The Traditional XL:

As the name implies, this popping cork is ideal if you are a traditionalist. While it’s longer than any of the Shorty products, the Tradition still incorporates the stronger, thicker wire. Furthermore, we included a third brass bead for added noise and fish attraction. If you are steadfast in tradition, this is your cork.