The Laguna Flats Lodge

Laguna Flats Lodge
341 North Shore, Port Mansfield, TX


The Lodge, originally built in the 1950’s as a one room concrete block fishing cabin, has served generations of fisherman and hunters.  It was expanded in the 1970’s to add the two front bedrooms, kitchen, living room and bathroom to provide greater versatility and accommodation.  After damage by hurricane Dolly in 2008, the first remodeling project was completed and the Lodge began its history of being a rental property in Port Mansfield.  After the current stewards (Jim and Steve) acquired it in September 2018 an extensive remodeling project was begun to give the house a fresh look and feel.  Good times and fond memories have been made here for nearly three-quarters of a century and now it is your turn.  We hope you’ll make yourself at home and enjoy your stay at Laguna Flats Lodge. Please contact Vic’s Rentals at 956-244-6868 or reserve online at and take your turn at the Laguna life.